2022 TRIFECTA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP November 1st-3rd, 2024



The Spartan Trifecta is no small feat to complete in a single year. For athletes at the Spartan Trifecta World Championship, it’s a battle they’ll face all in one weekend. To top it off, this legendary event happens among the mountains and ancient olive groves of Spartan’s spiritual home in Sparta, Greece.

This world championship event is dedicated to the Spartan Trifecta, one of the most coveted Spartan achievements. Each year Trifecta Tribe members from around the world gather in Sparta, Greece, a city rooted in Spartan history, for three days of unforgettable racing and celebrations.

Whether you're after a piece of the $30,000 prize purse, a place for your name to be engraved on the Ancient Wall of Honor, or an epic weekend racing alongside the Trifecta community, the Trifecta World Championship can't be missed.

More Details

Along with this unique experience comes a whole kit of collectible swag you can't earn anywhere else, only if you finish. Each year, top Multi-Year and Lifetime Trifecta earners will also be presented with additional awards at a special evening ceremony.

Spartan Sprint, Super, and Beast finisher t-shirts

Trifecta World Championship special edition t-shirt

Spartan Sprint, Super, Beast finisher medals, wedges, and lanyards

Trifecta World Championship special edition medal

Check your individual race day guide for exact details for your event.
The Experience
november 3rd-6th, 2022
Sparta, Greece

Thursday - Nov. 3:

  • Registration / Packet Pickup
  • Athletes Briefing
  • Opening Ceremony and Parade of Nations

Friday - Nov. 4:

  • Kids Race
  • Registration / Packet Pickup
  • Sprint Race
  • Sprint Award Ceremony / Celebration

Saturday - Nov. 5:

  • Registration / Packet Pickup
  • Super Race
  • Super Award Ceremony / Celebration
  • After Party & Concert

Sunday - Nov. 6:

  • Beast Race
  • Multiple Trifecta, Beast and Trifecta World Championship Awards Ceremony
  • Closing Ceremonies / Celebration
Earn Your Spot

Elite, Age Group & Open Heats

  • All Trifecta World Championship athletes must complete a full Trifecta between November 8th, 2021 and October 30, 2022 (the weekend before the TWC race weekend).
  • There are no race type, finish time or location requirements for your qualification Trifecta.
  • Athletes may complete it at a Trifecta Weekend OR at separate race weekends.

Note: Athletes are permitted to register for the TWC prior to completing their qualification Trifecta.

Plan Your Trifecta

The Trifecta World Championship features a three day race weekend where each day is dedicated to one event. You'll kick things off with the 5K Spartan Sprint on Friday. Wake up Saturday morning (enjoy a strong Greek coffee) and head to the startline of the 10K Spartan Super. Be sure to stretch and get a good nights sleep Saturday night because you'll be tackling the 21K Spartan Beast on Sunday. Build your strength and endurance with back-to-back training days.


Weather in southern Greece in November is perfect for racing, in Sparta the mornings are cold, before the sun warms everything up. By mid-morning, it can be quite hot. Bring layers and even something you can ditch before the start. Many bring hydration gear such as a vest for the Beast. The course crosses a river at several points; well draining footwear is a must.

Gear Up


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